Sunday, May 15, 2011

YES = 1, NO =2, OTHER = 55t9Wf@4fgh06%^^+zvFoff

ok so girls are always touched and even burst into tears when they hear a man giving a speech saying something like "Without the help of my wife..i wont be able to be here tonight... she has helped me a lot .. " .. is this touching and lovely?

touching and lovely??

what if he's not honoring his wife?? what if he "really means it"?? imagine the wife really has to do all the work like getting him some beers in 7-11 or shaving his armpits and so on ..doing all the hard work or maybe helping him out just like a manager and a worker and not refering to the support and intimacy of their relationship..(ok u might think duhh who wants a husband like this ..but i've seen a lot of girls dying for money and fame..there are girls living like this for sure.. just dont argue what the wife is like now.. for the sake of my argument)

damn there's a lot of ambiguities that we couldnt see because we love to assume or speculate and we are so stereotype ( positive and negative) that we are numb to everything .. human are all stereotype ..those who dont think they are not .. would either be a hypocrite, moron or an asshole.. ALL OF US ARE STEREOTYPE ..

famous stereotype statements you have 101% possibly made in your life as a stereotype :
1. "all his stuffs are original" .. even when u're not sure ..coz all you know is that he's RICH ..
2. "malay are stupid," .. well if you are smarter than them u should be only keeping this statement in your head .. (or between your housemates)
3. "he don really have to study but still he will score well.. i've always know that he's smart" .. well i can guarantee you know nothing man..
4. " like that cannot one laaa!! " fuck you ..
5. " study hard and you'll be successful " .. aww sounds like a pile of shit with strawberry toppings..
6. " 6÷2(1+2)=1" .. u sure? ( i firmly confident that it's 1 by the way.. but i just say that the answer is 9 to those who think its 1 and vice versa .. so that the debate can keep on going )
7. " dont find skinny guy har my daughter, they are unhealthy and cant even protect you, wind blow nia fly away d lor *giggle* " well a fitter person can smash your daughter's head to the wall much better than any skinny people..
8. "fat people are slow and dumb " .. well now u start to agree with me that we are all stereotype ...

if you believe that you never said any of these 8 statements..i reckon that you have high potential of getting Alzheimer's disease .. or you're a very well established hypocrite .. there are a lot more stereotype .. and its fun to crank stereotype jokes .. but some are instilled with stereotype so firmly that they do believe some bullshit .. like some people that believed wrestling is real and Asians are weak ..

btw, back to the speech thingy.. do you admire his wife after he said those touching lines? or do you admire him more, even he said he couldnt do it without his wife?? well words are kinda cunning ..there's always room for interpretations..its based on stereotype.. that people that are successful enough to give a speech are good people and awesome .. give it a break people ..give it a break..

also.. im giving myself a new nickname's Ethan .. coz Stan doesnt sound right after graduation and felt a bit strange to me if u call it along with my sir name ..ok shut up.. start calling me Ethan if u love to call me by names other than my chinese-translated english name u have hard times remembering my full name .. coz English name sounds better and classy too ( stereotype )